Aldon Smith, Josh Gordon, and @nflcommish’s Consistency Problem


Aldon Smith’s 9 game suspension was met with the same kind of ooh’s and aww’s that accompany NFL suspensions. In the immediate aftermath of Roger Goddell not really changing the NFL’s laws on domestic violence, the reaction to Smith’s suspension was that it was fair.

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#Browns May Give Johnny Manziel Snaps in Week 1. WTF.


The #Browns have no clue what to do at quarterback. They named Brian Hoyer the starter despite him not outplaying Johnny Manziel. Then head coach Mike Pettine says they’ll put in a Manziel package. Now he says they will discuss giving him snaps in Week 1…when the whole point of making Hoyer the starter was focusing the offense and not going back and forth.

You don’t have to like what the Jacksonville Jaguars to respect their approach. From the start, they have said Chad Henne is the starter, and 3rd
overall draft pick Blake Bortles likely won’t play. Even with Bortles showing up well in preseason, even with Henne not looking fantastic, even with the pressure of playing a first rounder early, Gus Bradley has stuck with Henne as his starter. The Vikings had an “open” competition, but it’s always basically been Matt Cassel’s job to lose, and even with Teddy Bridgewater flashing, they stuck to their guns. Consistency is the right mindset.

The Browns should have named Brian Hoyer the starter from the start. For one, he is the veteran, and Manziel, though electrifying is still learning. It would have allowed the Browns to figure out how to make this Josh Gordon-less offense to work, and would have quieted some of the controversy.

Instead, the Browns can’t quit Manziel. They keep building this beast. And they’ll consider throwing Manziel to the wolves versus Pittsburgh, meaning Manziel will steal snaps from Hoyer, AGAIN, and Manziel will be forced to probably run read-option plays until he is a brown stain on Heinz Field.

Dear Cleveland; PICK ONE. It’ll be much easier for Kyle Shanahan to get the play call in late if he’s not juggling two offenses.

#Raiders Dennis Allen Can’t Admit Matt Schaub is Terrible


Everyone figured when Al Davis passed away that the Oakland Raiders would stop it’s decades long run as the most dysfunctional organization in sports.

Now that general manager Reggie McKenzie has ruined that by letting all their young talent walk while signing guys like Justin Tuck and Maurice Jones-Drew and seemingly every veteran cast off from teams that know better, and Dennis Allen has a “quarterback controversy”. (I’m finger quoting so hard right now.)
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#Ravens DT Haloti Ngata Fined Mere 8,000 Bucks For Kicking Man In Stomach


Did Roger Goodell owe Ozzie Newsome money? How do Ravens players keep getting off with these lame ass punishments?

Baltimore Ravens nose tackle Haloti Ngata was fined $8,268 for kicking Washington Redskins guard in the stomach when he was down.

To recap, Brandon Meriweather hits a guy in the shoulder, but because he “led with his helmet” and the receiver ducked his head to protect himself, he gets two games without pay.

Ngata stomps a mudhole in a guard, unprovoked, 8 grand.

Football is stupid.

@KeithOlbermann is Great and All, But He’s Wrong About #Redskins New Stadium.


I like Keith Olbermann. Really, I do. When he’s not forced to cover the general idiocy of politics and the people who practice them, he’s as funny and engaging an analyst as there is in sports television.

Keith has also gotten a lot — A LOT — of run on the Washington Redskins name debate. Some of its poignant, some of it’s misinformed. But it was this commentary on Dan Snyder’s quest for a new stadium that caused me pause.

The basic gist for those who don’t want to watch; it’s Keith’s opinion that the reason Dan wants a new stadium when FedEx is “only” 17 years old is to essentially trade the name for the right to build a new stadium on RFK’s old site.

Sorry Keith. I like you, love you doing highlights, laughed my ass off when you did Redskins highlights using every DC team name BUT “Redskins”. But you’re wrong. Here’s why.
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Should Kirk Cousins Start Over Robert Griffin III


I never got why fans disliked Joe Theismann until Saturday night. At that point I has stopped watching the Washington Redskins’ preseason game because of a Redskins Fact ad. But Twitter blew up after he said it, and it has caused a lot of reaction over the last few days.

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